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Wilson Air Wing preserves aircraft, vehicles, artwork, and memorabilia  demonstrating historical significance and modern developments related to aviation and the spirit of leadership that has propelled advances in technical design and practical skill.  Exhibitions, free lectures, forums, and multi-media presentations provide information, technical training and inspiration through familiarization with aircraft and the pioneers who pilot them. Our many aviation experiences allow spectators become participants an a shared legacy of excitement and romance.  

The mission of Wilson Air Wing is based upon a central emphasis on honoring veterans of the U. S. Military and allied forces. In various capacities, Wilson Air Wing endeavors to enable ambassadors of goodwill to the community by making its resources available to those who might ordinarily not have the opportunity to get "through the fence".   Exhibitions and activities are made available to be an exciting part of fundraising efforts for aviation causes and charities providing immediate relief and assistance to veterans suffering adversity.  In order to best everage our

influence in the community and to maximize our impact, Wilson Air Wing actively seeks to collaborate with other non-profit organizations.  

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